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American Indian

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WhiteDove is the original skins Arapaho,kiowa,Sioux are the ghost dance shirts. All body parts are in each download.

If you download all four you only need the body,head and cmx from one, but you will need all 4 textures dropped in your c:/programs/thesims/gamedata/skins folder. But not to worry if you do drop all you will be told that whitedove already exists.

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Ghost Dance The ghost shirts here worn by both men and women come form various tribes, Made of buckskin, muslin or cotton sewn with sinew, each garment is decorated with symbols revealed to its owner in visions. To the Sioux, how ever, the ghost shirt had a special and ultimately disastrous significance: they believed that it had the magical power to render a wearer in vulnerable to the white mans bullets. Researched threw The Museum of American Indians.
These American Indian Skins were created using ms3d, Photoimpact, SimShow,CMXmaker and a lot of hours of research. I do hope if you are collecting American Indians for your game that these will become a wonderful addition to your collection. All skins are med except big Jim.
Big Jim IndianJoe MedicanCrow WarriorJosh
Arapaho kiowa Sioux whitedove






















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