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The beWitching hour is coming and nonasart has come up with a bag of goodies for your V3. It's ture something sweet for her and it's not candy.

In this trick-or-treat bag you will find 9 goolish objects created by nonasart, these 9 objects are a all in one v3 06 hollowsEve 7.52 MB (7,894,413 bytes) download.

1. Gargoyle coloum.
2. Alter.
3. Crypt Casket
4. WalkingStick
5. TopHat
6. Tuxdress
7. Horned Cape and dynamic clothing prop.
8. full body Corset
9. Arm Gloves

Along with these sweet treats she has included their bitmaps so you can create your very own textures, add them to your v3 dynamic clothing and just get crazy with them.

Hey! do you hate holloween pumpkins as much as I do? Why drive that wooden stake threw a sweet blood sucking Vampiras while the're taking a dirt nap they deserve more respect.
I say stick that wooden stake threw a pumpkin keep it down. After all it's going to sit on your porch, walkway or in your window until it molds and collapes into something that resembles left overs in the refridg and what about that smell the candle heating the pumkin and slowly burning the wet inners. No wonder most people put them outside. Best pumpkin I have ever had is one in a can or made into a yummy pie now I can carve that up...LOL...Will thats just my Opion and im sticking to it...

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